Sizing Charts

Buying a hat online is easier and more risk free than you would think because all you really need to know is your head size, and measuring your head size is easy - you just need a flexible tape measure or a piece of string and a long ruler.

Sizing Advice

We make sure we give sizing advice on all our product descriptions, so if a particular hat runs small or large, we'll tell you together with the exact measurement of the inner headband.

If a hat we have in stock looks like it will be a bit big or small based on your measurement and our description of the size, then chances are it will be. We recommend you do not go up or down by any more than 0.5 - 1cm from your actual head size, and if on the cautious side, it's better to go up then down! 

We know it can be disappointing when that perfect item doesn't fit, but we know it's even more disappointing when you go to the trouble of ordering that perfect item only to find it's too tight, so if you can't find your size this time, we look forward to bringing you more items in your size in the future. 

Here are 2 simple ways you can measure your head;   

1. Using a Perfectly Fitting Hat

You have a favourite hat right? The one that fits snug, but not tight, that has room to breathe, but is not loose? Yep, that one; your perfectly fitting hat is all you need to determine your head size. However as hats can shrink and stretch over time and like shoes, manufacturers can have different fits, we recommend you don't go off the sizing labeled in the hat, but instead take a measurement of the hat's size, which you can do as follows:    

Take a tape measure and starting from the join in the inside headband/sweatband at the back of the hat, measure all the way around the inner circumference. The inner headband is the band inside the crown of the hat, often made of ribbon or leather which protects the hat from the dirt and oils from your face or hair. 

If it is difficult to keep the tape measure in place, pin it down so you can be sure you've got an accurate measurement. 

Read the measurement and use our table below to determine your head size.    

2. Measuring Your Head

If you don't have a favourite, perfectly fitting hat, or your perfectly fitting hat isn't the type that is easy to measure, or you think it's just easier to wrap a tape measure around your head (it is!), then we recommend you measure your head this way; 

Take your tape measure and measure around the circumference of your head, just above your ears and coming half-way down your forehead. Make sure the tape measure is comfortable around your head and not too loose or tight. 

If you are not sure where to place your tape measure, imagine the position a hat would sit on your head. 

Or why not measure it both ways just to be extra sure and compare the results, take the midpoint between the two results if there's any difference!